Strength is a Raspberry-type attacking move in Pokemon Sweet.

Effect Edit

In Battle Edit

Strength inflicts damage and has no secondary effect.

Outside of Battle Edit

Strength while active will allow the player to move little round boulders around the area, however strength will need to be reused if the player leaves the area and boulders will return to their original position when the player leaves the room unless said boulder moves from one floor to another via little holes in the floor like in Freezer Island.

Description Edit

"The foe is slugged at maximum power. Can also be used to move boulders."

Learnset Edit

By Leveling Up Edit

# PokéSweet Type Level
Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used.

By HM04 Edit

# PokéSweet Type
1 Brownisaur CHER CHOCO
2 Chocosaur CHER CHOCO
3 Fudgasaur CHER CHOCO
4 Strawander STRAW
5 Straweleon STRAW
6 Strawizard STRAW
7 Squirpie APPLE
8 Tartortle APPLE
9 Piestoise APPLE
20 Raticake STRAW BLUE
23 Sherzel ORAN VANIL
24 Bertzel ORAN VANIL
25 Popsichu ORAN VANIL
26 Raicicle ORAN VANIL
27 Migum ORAN LIME
28 Goman ORAN LIME
29 Tortewig LEMON VANIL
30 Meringle LEMON VANIL
31 Torteringe LEMON VANIL
32 Banvy BANAN
33 Banvine BANAN
34 Banperior BANAN
35 Teana STRAW
36 Teacakes STRAW
39 Creampuff VANIL
40 Creamtuff VANIL
54 Pieduck BLUE
55 Golpie BLUE
Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used.
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