Solar Beam is a Lime-type attacking move in Pokemon Sweet.

Effect Edit

Solar Beam is a 2-turn move that on the first turn the user absorbs sunlight and releases it on the second turn to inflict damage.

If harsh sunlight is on the field then the user does not need to charge on the first turn, but if there is rain, hail or a sandstorm then the power of Solar Beam is cut in half.

Solar Beam will also fail if the user is affected by the conditions of sleep, freezing, confusion, paralysis and/or flinching before it unleashes the energy.

Description Edit

"A 2-turn move that blasts the foe with absorbed energy in the 2nd turn."

Learnset Edit

By Leveling Up Edit

# PokéSweet Type Level
Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used.

By TM22 Edit

# PokéSweet Type
1 Brownisaur CHER CHOCO
2 Chocosaur CHER CHOCO
3 Fudgasaur CHER CHOCO
12 Spinacake RASP
15 Cookietune RASP CHOCO
35 Teana STRAW
36 Teacakes STRAW
39 Creampuff VANIL
40 Creamtuff VANIL
43 Licorita RASP LIME
44 Leaforice RASP LIME
45 Liganium RASP LIME
Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used.
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