The S.S. Banana is a huge luxury liner near Meringue City, consisting of 4 floors. The topmost floor is the deck, where a party created by Chocobun is going on. Up the staircase on the Upper Floor is Dark Chocobun, her sister, unhappy with the party. After speaking to Chocobun, a pair of pirates will attack the ship--but run off as soon as one is beaten.

The woman on the Main Floor, 2nd room from the right will heal the player. In the 1st room from the left on the Upper Floor, a man will show the player a picture of a Smorelax, registering it as 'seen' in the Cookbook.

Surfing east before entering the ship leads to a hidden dock where we can see Mewberry, but it flies back towards Orange City. The truck next to it can take us to Banana Coast.

Items Edit

Surf east before ship Edit

Item Location
Rare Candy from Mewberry
Lava Cookie (Hidden) end of pier

Main Floor Edit

Item Location
TM31 (Brick Break) 2nd room from the left
Pecha Berry Topmost trashcan in the kitchen
Cheri Berry Middle trashcan in the kitchen
Chesto Berry Lowest trashcan in the kitchen
Great Ball Bottom-left corner of kitchen

Lowest FloorEdit

Item Location
Hyper Potion Trashcan
Super Potion 1st room
Ether 3rd room
TM44 (Zest) 4th room

Upper FloorEdit

Item Location
X Attack 3rd room from right
Super Potion 2nd room from left


Item Location
HM02 (Fly) From Chocobun

Trainers Edit

Main Floor (Rooms right to left) Edit

Trainer PokéSweets
Gentleman Thomas

(reward ¥3,312)

Cupcat lv.23

Cupcat lv.23

Gentleman Arthur

(reward ¥3,600)

Banvy lv.19

Banvine lv.25

Lass May

(reward ¥576)

Sherzel lv.18

Gummiursa lv.18

Youngster Tyler

(reward ¥336)

Banvy lv.21

Lowest Floor (Rooms right to left) Edit

Trainer PokéSweets
Chef Duncan

(reward ¥1,408)

Lemdrop lv.17

Cupop lv.17

Flangoose lv.22

Chef Leo

(reward ¥672)

Candix lv.21
Chef Dylan

(reward ¥1,536)

Mintanyte lv.17

Cupop lv.17

Flangoose lv.24

Chef Huey

(reward ¥1,152)

Gumble lv.18

Cupvee lv.18

Chef Phil

(reward ¥960)

Raticake lv.30
Fisherman Hank

(reward ¥1,800)

Gumble lv. 17

Gumble lv. 17

Gumballer lv. 25

Upper Floor (Rooms right to left) Edit

Trainer PokéSweets
Gentleman Adam

(reward ¥2,448)

Creampuff lv.17

Cupop lv.17

Lass Dawn

(reward ¥576)

Rattatart lv.18

Popsichu lv.18

Fisherman Dale

(reward ¥1,656)

Caratorb lv.17

Caratorb lv.17

Caratrode lv.23

Gentleman Brooks

(reward ¥1,656)

Popsichu lv.23

Deck Edit

Trainer PokéSweets
Pirate Dart

(reward ¥704)

Raticake lv.20

Ariacake lv.22

Mintastar lv.22

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