The Rainbow City Gym is in Rainbow City and is headed by Keyla, who uses Lime-type PokéSweets. The lights in the gym are turned off to combat the pervert outside looking in, since it's entirely led by girls. Due to an oversight on the creator's part, the trainers speak to the player as the male protagonist even if the player chose the female one.

Two of the trainers are skippable, but after beating Keyla, the player still receives the Keylime Badge.

Unlike the others, this gym can be exited during battle, but when returning the player will have to rematch everyone all over again.


Trainer PokéSweets

Sweetie Pie Bridget

Reward: ¥2,000

Pawnsour lv.26

Snotree lv.26

Gumchoo lv.26

Mintanyte lv.25

Lass Kay

Reward: ¥1,024

Gumchoo lv.23

Gumtic lv.32

Picnicker Tina

Reward: ¥1,120

Brownisaur lv.24

Chocosaur lv.28

Lass Lisa

Reward: ¥896

Pawnsour lv.23

Bisour lv.28

Sweetie Pie Tamia

Reward: ¥1,920

Gumchoo lv.24

Gumchoo lv.24

Leader Keyla

Reward: ¥1,280

Cantree lv.32

Bisour lv.32

Gumtic lv.32

Mintastar lv.32

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