Pudding City is a town full of pink grass and lemonade roads. Towards the right of the town is a man in a flowery meadow, claiming he's doing hard work by spraying cooking spray on the ground, to "soften it". The town contains the PokéSweet Center, Sweet Mart, Pudding City Gym, and Candy Manor. A kid to the left of town sign will mention a "hidden stash"; it's a Soda Pop and is hidden behind the PokéSweet Center. Next to the Candy Manor are two berry trees, with Cheri and Oran berries.

 Places of Interest Edit

Baker's House Edit

The top-right house in Pudding City is home to a baker, who bakes her own PokéSweets. In return for 4 Oran berries and 4 Pecha berries, she'll give the player a level 10 Rattatart.

Candy Manor Edit

Candy Manor is a huge building, taking up the northern half of Pudding City. Robbers going by the name Team Sour had broken into it and are looking for supposed "treasure"; Katia is in the front and urges the player to go and finish them off. Inside, the Manor consists of 4 floors, 4 Team Sour grunts, and the Team Sour Admin. Once the player defeats them all, they're challenged by the Rival.

Pudding City Gym Edit

The Gym Leader is Beryl, a down-on-his-luck trainer who has lost 99 battles and won 1. According to a little girl, the only person he beat was the player's rival.

Sweet Mart Edit

See a list of items for sale on the Sweet Marts and Shops page.

In addition, a man in the top-left corner of town will sell the player Fresh Water for ¥200, which is much better than the Sweet Mart potions.

Items Edit

Item Location
Soda Pop Behind the PokéSweet Center
Cheri Berry x2 From the berry tree
Oran Berry x2 From the berry tree

PokéSweets Edit

PokéSweet Location Levels Rate
Rattatart Gift/Trade 10 Repeatable