Orange Woods connects to Jelly Bridge. It is full of grass and ice-cream-cone trees, and leads to Orange Orchard. The player will meet Katia here, standing at the door of the Orange Orchard house, and she will challenge the player after asking about their team. Due to a bug, she will only leave if her sprite is moved off-screen. If not, Katia will remain in the doorway and be able to be rebattled.

Walking under the pink lake at Orange Orchard will give the player a shortcut back to the Jelly Bridge, to avoid walking through grass again.

Places of Interest Edit

Orange Orchard Edit

In Orange Orchard, the player can plant some berries in the designated spots and have them grow. Unfortunately, it seems like only 1 berry grows (which is the same berry that was planted), and not every berry can be planted. Berries obtained from the Pickup ability (typically written in caps) aren't able to be planted. Always make sure to save BEFORE planting, as this area has a tendency to crash the game.

Orchard House Edit

The house next to the Orchard has a few useful characters. The first man will offer to make the player some Berry Juice for 2 Oran berries, which is much cheaper than ¥200 Potions. The second man sells Ethers and Elixirs. This house is only accessible after beating Katia.

Item Price
Ether ¥2,000
Elixir ¥4,000

Items Edit

Item Location
Elixir (Hidden) Next to first cone in grass
Oran Berry (Hidden) Next to bright green bush under ice cream tree
Leppa Berry (Hidden) in cone at end of grass
Berry Juice Give man in Orchard House Oran Berry x2; repeatable

PokéSweets Edit

PokéSweet Location Levels Rate
Sherzel Grass 10 - 12 40%
Flangoose Grass 12 20%
Popsichu Grass 10 - 12 40%
Pieduck Water 20-40 100%

Trainers Edit

Trainer PokéSweets
PKSW Trainer Katia

(reward ¥880)

Chocosaur lv.22

Raicicle lv.22

Cottomoth lv.22

PKSW Trainer Katia

(reward ¥880)

Straweleon lv.22

Raicicle lv.22

Ariacake lv.22

PKSW Trainer Katia

(reward ¥880)

Tartortle lv.22

Raicicle lv.22

Cookietune lv.22

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