The Orange City Gym is headed by Fizzy, also known as the "Floating Orange", who uses Orange-type PokéSweets. She has won 22 battles and lost 56 battles and her gym is full of orange soda, because it goes well with ice cream. There are 2 trainers, and one can be avoided. Once beaten, she gives the player the Soda Badge.

Trainers Edit

Note: the gym cannot be exited until the leader is defeated. Plan accordingly!

Trainer PokéSweets
Swimmer♂ Kel

(reward  ¥128)

Popsichu lv.16

Sherzel lv.16

Picnicker Oujay

(reward  ¥380)

Cupcat lv.19
Leader Fizzy

(reward  ¥1,000)

Raicicle lv.25

Bertzel lv.25

Flangoose lv.25