Orange City is a town next to Orange Hills, connecting to Jelly Bridge, Orange Road, and Honey Road. Here the sidewalks are cookies and bright green hedges border the roads. Orange City has a PokéSweet Center, Sweet Mart, Bike Shop, and the Orange City Gym. In the north are two berry trees, Cheri and Chesto. There are two men about to have a baking contest, but neither is ready and both are anxious about the skills of the other.

 Places of Interest Edit

Bike Shop Edit

In the west of town, there is a Bike Shop, that sells donut-wheel bikes. Initially the price for a Donut Bike is ¥1million. Later on the player receives a Bike Voucher which can be exchanged for a free Donut Bike.

Robbed House Edit

One of the houses has been robbed by a Team Sour grunt, who can be found in the lower-left corner of the map. Talking to her will initiate a battle, and after beating her, the player receives TM11. If returning to the robbed house, the man will ask for the TM back. If TM11 is given to him, he'll reward the player with TM18.

Baker's Home Edit

The house next to the Sweet Mart is home of a baker, who will offer to bake the player a Cupvee. She asks for the following berries: Oran x2, Pecha x2, Chesto x2, and Cheri x2. This can be repeated whenever the player has enough berries to give her.

Orange City Gym Edit

The Gym Leader is Fizzy, and she uses Orange-type PokéSweets. Her gym is made of a large orange-soda pool and cannot be exited until she is beaten or the player loses all their pokemon.

Sweet Mart Edit

See a list of items for sale on the Sweet Marts and Shops page.

In addition, a girl to the north of town will sell the player Soda Pops for ¥600.

Items Edit

Item Location
TM11 (Sundae) After battling Sour Chick
TM18 (Rain Dance) Reward for returning TM11 to owner
Cheri Berry x2 From the berry tree
Chesto Berry x2 From the berry tree

PokéSweets Edit


Location Levels Rate
Cupvee Trade for berries 15 Repeatable
Icefish Water 5-40 100%

Trainers Edit

Trainer PokéSweets
Sour Chick

(reward  ¥1,000)

Banvine lv.25

Doslug lv.25

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