The Meringue City Gym is headed by two trainers, Ban and Lem, who use Banana and Lemon-type PokéSweets. They used to be rivals, since their types were weak to each other, but had since joined together to be the city's gym leaders. The gym is set up to resemble an sliding ice puzzle, where the player has to maneuver to get to the leaders. There are 3 trainers, and one can be skipped. After beating Ban & Lem, the player receives the Yellow Badge.

Trainers Edit

Note: the gym cannot be exited until the leader is defeated. Plan accordingly!

Trainer PokéSweets
Chef Dwayne

(reward ¥1,344)

Popsichu lv.21

Popsichu lv.21

Super Nerd Baily

(reward ¥1,008)

Bananaby lv.21

Gummiursa lv.21

Biker Tucker

(reward ¥460)

Popsichu lv.23
Leaders Ban & Lem

(reward ¥1,120)

Gummaring lv.28

Mawnana lv.28

Bananibuzz lv.28

Lemdrop lv.28

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