Lemon Way is a route to the right of Meringue City. The entrance to Chocolate Cave is on it, and it connects to Cookie Bridge. Lemon Way is a quaint route with a cookie path and lots of grass patches.

Items Edit

Item Location
Awakening Behind Chocolate Cave
Escape Rope (Hidden) On the rock to the right of the route
Rare Candy Right side of route; above rock
Great Ball Far right, under the fence

PokéSweets Edit

PokéSweet Location Levels Rate
Tortewig Grass 12, 14, 15 40%
Lemdrop Grass 11, 13 20%
Gummiursa Grass 13, 15, 17 40%
Icefish Water 5-40 100%

Trainers Edit

Trainer PokéSweets
Youngster Eddie

(reward ¥400)

Gummiursa lv.25
Youngster Dilan

(reward ¥704)

Gummiursa lv.21

Bananaby lv.22

Youngster Dave

(reward ¥736)

Banvy lv.18

Banvine lv.23

Engineer Bernard

(reward ¥2,304)

Gumble lv.22

Gumble lv.22

Gumballer lv.24

Beauty Jasmine

(reward ¥480)

Flangoose lv.30
Gambler Darian

(reward ¥3,312)

Cupcat lv.23

Creamtuff lv.23

Gambler Jasper

(reward ¥3,600)

Gumballer lv.25

Gumballer lv.25

Youngster Charles

(reward ¥800)

Rattatart lv.17

Rattatart lv.17

Raticake lv.25

Gambler Dirk

(reward ¥3,888)

Caratorb lv.18

Candix lv.27

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