Leer is a Vanilla-type non-damaging move in Pokemon Sweet.

Effect Edit

Leer decreases the Defense of all adjacent opponents by 1 stage. It does not affect PokéSweets with the abilities Clear Body.

Description Edit

"The foe is given an intimidating look that lower its DEFENSE stat."

Learnset Edit

By Leveling Up Edit

# PokéSweet Type Level
21 Mintret VANIL 7
22 Furmint VANIL 1, 7
23 Bertzel ORAN VANIL 1
24 Sherzel ORAN VANIL 1
25 Popsichu ORAN VANIL 7
26 Raicicle ORAN VANIL 7
32 Banvy BANAN 1
33 Banvine BANAN 1
Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used.

Trivia Edit

Keep in mind that leer will only affect Strawberry, Cherry, Apple, Vanilla, and Chocolate (physical) attacks.

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