Flour Town is the second town on the player's journey. It consists of 12 buildings, including a PokéSweet Center, Sweet Mart, Baking School, and the Flour Town Gym. The town has pink grass and a pastel yellow road, along with pink flowers and two berry trees.

Places of Interest

Baking School

The building in the top-middle of town is the Baking School, with a student studying her notes and a teacher standing by the board. She confesses she isn't sure why it's called "Home Economics". The board details the effectiveness of flavors against each other. The book before the girl explains which types are physical (Vanilla, Cherry, Strawberry, Apple, and Chocolate), and which are special (the rest).

Official Name Rater

The house right above the school (at the very top of the town) is the official Name Rater. Talk to him to change your PokéSweet's nickname.

Flour Town Gym

To the right on the town is the PokéSweet gym. The first time the player enters the town, it's locked and the name on the sign is "???".

Sweet Mart

See a list of items for sale on the Sweet Marts and Shops page.


Item Location
Pecha Berry x2 On the berry tree in the middle of town
Oran Berry x2 On the berry tree in the middle of town
Pearl Left of lake, right behind house
Great Ball From woman next to lake, in return for her Pearl


PokéSweet Location Levels Rate
Pieduck Water 20-40 100%

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