Flour Forest is a dark route full of grass and trainers, located on the Donut Plains. At the front of the forest is a youngster who requests you beat the 5 trainers along the path. The majority of the battles are double battles; once beating all 5, the youngster gives the player 5 Oran Berries. Follow the right-side path, go up, head left, and a youngster in a grass patch surrounded by trees is caught in a Cottonat nest asks for help getting out; afterwards, he rewards the player with 5 Pecha berries. The exit to the forest is located in the top left.

Items Edit

Item Location
Potion In the grass to the far left of the entrance
Antidote (Hidden) Left side of entrance tree
Pecha Berry x5 From youngster in Cottonat nest
Potion (Hidden) in the grass patch after last bugcatcher
Oran Berry x5 From youngster at entrance, after beating all 5 Bug Catchers

PokéSweets Edit

PokéSweet Location Levels Rate
Spinacake Grass 5 - 6 30%
Cookietot Grass 5 - 6 30%
Cottonat Grass 5 - 6 30%
Popsichu Grass 5 - 6 10%

Trainers Edit

Trainer PokéSweets
Bug Catcher Rick

(reward ¥144)

Cookietot lv.6

Cottonat lv.6

Bug Catcher Doug

(reward ¥168)

Spinacake lv.7

Cookietot lv.7

Cottonat lv.7

Bug Catcher Sam

(reward ¥108)

Popsichu lv.9
Bug Catcher Colton

(reward ¥168)

Spinacake lv.7

Cottonat lv.7

Cookietot lv.7

Bug Catcher Antonio

(reward ¥216)

Meowffin lv.9

Creampuff lv.9

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