Cut is a Lime-type attacking move in Pokemon Sweet.

Effect Edit

In Battle Edit

Cut inflicts damage and has no secondary effect.

Outside of Battle Edit

Cut can be used to remove certain kinds of trees from the area, however should you leave said area they will respawn right back.

Description Edit

"A basic attack. It can be used to cut grass."

Learnset Edit

By Leveling Up Edit

# PokéSweet Type Level
Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used.

By HM01 Edit

# PokéSweet Type
1 Brownisaur CHER CHOCO
2 Chocosaur CHER CHOCO
3 Fudgasaur CHER CHOCO
4 Strawander STRAW
5 Straweleon STRAW
6 Strawizard STRAW
7 Squirpie APPLE
15 Cookietune RASP CHOCO
19 Rattatart STRAW BLUE
20 Raticake STRAW BLUE
27 Migum ORAN LIME
28 Goman ORAN LIME
29 Tortewig LEMON VANIL
30 Meringle LEMON VANIL
31 Torteringe LEMON VANIL
32 Banvy BANAN
33 Banvine BANAN
34 Banperior BANAN
43 Licorita RASP LIME
44 Leaforice RASP LIME
45 Liganium RASP LIME
46 Pawnsour LIME
47 Bisour LIME
50 Bananaby BANAN CHOCO
51 Bananibuzz BANAN CHOCO
52 Meowffin VANIL
53 Cupcat VANIL
Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used.
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