Cookie Village is the starting location in Pokemon Sweet Version. The protagonist begins in their room, and receives the Running Shoes and Town Map from Mom. The town includes Rival's house, Mark's house, and Katia's House, along with Cinna's House.

Places of Interest Edit

Cinna's House Edit

The first place the player is asked to go is Prof. Cinna's house/lab. The two rivals, Mark and Katia are waiting at the door. The professor will offer the player one of the three PokéSweet starters: Brownisaur, Stawmander, or Squirpie. Once chosen, the rivals will each pick one and immediately initate a battle. Afterwards, regardless of outcome, Katia gives the player a Cookbook and 5 Sweet Balls.

Items Edit

Item Location
Potion Boy next to Mark's house sells for ¥200
Paralyz Heal Boy next to Mark's house sells for ¥200
Cheri Berry Trade Oran berry to girl in lower-left corner of town

PokéSweets Edit

PokéSweet Location Levels Rate
Brownisaur Gift 5 One
Strawander Gift 5 One
Squirpie Gift 5 One
Icefish Water 5-40 100%
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