Cookie Meadow is the first route on the player's journey, spanning between Cookie Village and Flour Town. This path contains a cookie road with pink flowers, winding around trees and ledges. The patch of grass to the right is accessible immediately, but as soon as the player passes the sign, the Katia and Mark will join the player. After a chat, the named Rival will show up and challenge the player to a battle.


Item Location
Sweet Ball x1 Grass to the left of the entrance


PokéSweet Location Levels Rate
Meowffin Grass 3 - 5, 7 40%
Licorita Grass 3 - 5, 7 60%
Cottonbun From Chocobun after becomin Champion Egg One


Trainer PokéSweets


Reward: ¥80

Popsichu lv.5

Youngster John

Reward ¥40

Meowffin lv.5

Rocker Jake

Reward ¥5,760

Cymbalist lv.60
Rockeretta lv.60
Flutefetch lv.60
Ocarelia lv.60
Pianotot lv.60
Drumonite lv.60

Clown Adder

Reward ¥24,000

Ambipie lv.60
Afrobull lv.60
Clownlax lv.60
Kangaclown lv.60
Clownpunny lv.60
Bearclown lv.60

Baby Daisy

Reward ¥1,920

Toddlezam lv 60
Machump lv.60
Rattlerade lv.60
Mortimer lv.60
Bottledur lv.60
Seismitodd lv.60
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