Cookie Bridge is a long bridge over lemonade-colored water. The southern part is initially blocked by a Smorelax, who can be awaken with the B-Day Cake from Candy Tower. It has a low catch-rate, so prepare oodles of PokéBalls.

There are a few "No Fishing" signs and all the Fishermen are complaining about it. After beating them all, the Officer inside the building between routes will reward the player 5 Ultra Balls for enforcing the rule. On the lower part of the route, after the Smorelax, the player can talk to a man in the fishing house, but he doesn't hand out fishing rods.

Items Edit

Upper Part of Route Edit

Item Location
TM48 (Skill Swap) (Requires Surf) On small island
Hyper Potion (Hidden) On land betwen bridges
Ultra Ball x5 From Officer inside building

Lower Part of Route Edit

Item Location
Iron Near bushes
Rare Candy (Hidden) in grass

PokéSweets Edit

PokéSweet Location Levels Rate
Smorelax Road 30 Only One
Gumchoo Grass 22, 24 - 26 45%
Gummiursa Grass 23, 24, 26, 27 45%
Gumtic Grass 23 5%
Gummaring Grass 28, 30 5%
Icefish Water 5-40 100%

Trainers Edit

Upper Route (Before Smorelax) Lower Route (After Smorelax)
Trainer PokéSweets Trainer PokéSweets

Young Couple

Gia & Jes

Reward: ¥1,344

Gummiursa lv.24

Gummiursa lv.24

Super Nerd Luca

Reward: ¥1,392

Lemdrop lv.29

Lemdrop lv.29

Fisherman Elliot

Reward: ¥1,872

Gumble lv.21

Caratorb lv.21

Mintanyte lv.25

Lemdrop lv.26

Camper Justin

Reward: ¥1,160

Banvy lv.29

Banvine lv.29

Fisherman Hank

Reward: ¥1,152

Lolliwak lv.32

Fisherman Andy

Reward: ¥1,728

Cupvee lv.24

Cupvee lv.24

Fisherman Chip

Reward: ¥1,728

Bertzel lv.24

Candix lv.24

Fisherman Ned

Reward: ¥2,016

Cupvee lv.22

Rattatart lv.22

Lemdrop lv.28

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