The Chocolate Game Center is a casino in Rainbow City. The first time the player enters, they earn the Coin Case from the Rival.

Coin Seller Edit

Coins Price
50 Coins ¥1,000
500 Coins ¥10,000

The two NPCs on the right side of the main building, by the slots, will give the player 20 Coins each the first time they're spoken to.

Prize Corner Edit

The Prize Corner is right next to the Game Center. All the prices are in Coins and the 3rd Cashier sells same as the 2nd.

1st Cashier 2nd Cashier
Item Price Item Price
Smoke Ball 800 C TM13 4,000 C
Miracle Seed 1,000 C TM23 3,500 C
Charcoal 1,000 C TM24 4,000 C
Mystic Berry 1,000 C TM30 4,500 C
Yellow Flute 1,600 C TM35 4,000 C
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