Berry Road (Route 15) is a route that spans between Banana Coast and Berry City.

Items Edit

Item Location
TM18 (Rain Dance) West side of ledge

PokéSweets Edit

PokéSweet Location Levels Rate
Mediblue Grass 24 40%
Oshacone Grass 25 - 28, 30 30%
Pieduck Grass 22, 25, 26, 29 30%

Trainers Edit

Trainer PokéSweets
Sweetie Pie Grace

Reward: ¥2,320

Creamtuff lv.29

Creamtuff lv.29

Picnicker Becky

Reward: ¥1,160

Popsichu lv.29

Raicicle lv.29

Picnicker Kisha

Reward: ¥1,120

Pawnsour lv.28

Pawnsour lv.28

Pawnsour lv.28

Picnicker Celia

Reward: ¥660

Bisour lv.33
Picnicker Yzma

Reward: ¥1,160

Gumtic lv.29

Gummaring lv.29

Flangoose lv.29

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