An Ability is a game mechanic of Pokemon Sweet Version and it's sequel Pokemon Sweet 2th that provides a passive effect in battle or in the overworld. Individual PokéSweet can only have 1 ability at a time and it cannot be changed.

List of PokéSweet Abilities Edit

Pokemon Sweet Version Abilities Edit

Name Effect # with ability
Banana Powers up "ice cream". 6
Battle Armor Blocks critical hits. 2
Cake Trap Prevents the foe's escape. 2
Chlorophyll Raises speed in sunlight. 6
Clear Body Prevents Stat Reduction. 3
Cute Charm Infatuates on contact. 5
Damp Prevents self-destruction. 5
Donut Trap Prevents Fleeing. 3
Flash Fire Powers up if hit by fire. 3
Flame Body Burns the foe on contact. 1
Guts Ups attack if suffering. 5
Inner Focus Prevents flinching. 2
Insomnia Prevents sleep. 2
Intimidate Lowers the foe's attack. 4
Keen Eye Prevents loss of accuracy. 6
Limber Prevents paralysis. 1
Loose Flour Leaves spores on contact. 2
Oblivious Prevents attraction. 3
Own Tempo Prevents confusion. 1
Pickup May pick up items. 4
Pressure Raises the foe's PP usage. 7
Resolve Prevents attack reduction. 3
Rock Head Prevents recoil damage. 4
Run Away Makes escaping easier. 7
Sand Veil Ups evasion in a sandstorm. 4
Shed Skin Heals the body by Shedding. 4
Shell Armor Blocks critical hits. 5
Shield Pie Prevents added effects 2
Soundproof Avoids sound-based moves. 3
Split Powers up "bananas". 10
static Paralyzes on contact. 2
Stays Dry Slight HP recovery in rain. 1
Sticky Hold Prevents item theft. 3
Sturdy Negates 1-hit KO attacks. 2
Sweetie Pie Encounter rate increases. 6
Swift Swim Raises Speed in rain. 2
Synchronize Passes on status problems. 4
Thick Fat Heat-and-Cold Protection. 4
Thunder Rod Draws electrical moves. 3
Trace Copies special ability. 1
Water Absorb Changes water into HP. 2
Vital Spirit Prevents sleep. 2
Volt Absorb Turns electricity into HP. 1

Sweet 2th Abilities Edit

Name Effect # with ability
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